What to Expect When Your Doctor Submits Your Prescription for INGREZZA® (valbenazine) capsules to the Pharmacy

Specialty pharmacy

A specialty pharmacy will verify your insurance benefits and fill your prescription. A specialty pharmacy is a special type of pharmacy that provides medicines that are not available at your local retail pharmacy. Once your insurance plan has authorized coverage, a pharmacy will call you to arrange delivery.

The specialty pharmacy will ship INGREZZA directly to you at a location of your choosing via overnight delivery.

Local pharmacy

In some cases, your doctor may send your prescription to a local affiliated pharmacy. This pharmacy will work with you to fill your prescription and notify you when you can pick up your prescription.

You may receive monthly calls from the pharmacy when it’s time to refill your prescription or with important information about your medication.

These calls may come from an unidentified toll-free number, so be sure to answer your phone.