Financial Assistance

Most patients pay less than $10 out‑of‑pocket cost for INGREZZA® (valbenazine) capsules.1

Financial assistance programs may be available to help your patients fill their prescriptions for INGREZZA® (valbenazine) capsules.

Commercial Insurance


Eligible patients may qualify for a $0 copay on their INGREZZA prescription.*

INGREZZA Savings Program

* This offer is valid only for patients with commercial (nongovernment-funded) insurance. Additional terms and conditions apply.

Your patients may be eligible for the INGREZZA Savings Program.

Click here to enroll in the INGREZZA Savings Program.

INGREZZA Savings Program

The INGREZZA Savings Program can be directly applied at the pharmacy.

No Insurance Coverage

Eligible patients who do not have prescription drug coverage for INGREZZA and who lack the financial resources to pay for their medicine may be able to receive their prescription at no cost through the INGREZZA Patient Assistance Program.

Additional terms and conditions apply.

Your patients with no prescription drug coverage may be eligible to receive their prescription at no cost.

To apply, download the Patient Assistance Program Application.

Patient Assistance Application

Information About Low-income Subsidy—Medicare Extra Help Program

If your patient has Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage and is eligible for a low-income subsidy (LIS), the copay may be reduced.2 Patients with LIS are not subject to the donut hole.

Patients can speak to their pharmacist or visit this website resource for more information.

1. Data on file as of Q1 2020. Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc. 2. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Limited Income and Resources. Accessed October 21, 2020.

Learn about how your Medicare patients may qualify for extra help with Medicare prescription drug plan costs.

Download this flashcard for more information.

Medicare Part D Extra Help Information